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How to Use This Order Form:

  1. Carefully fill out this order form making all necessary choices. There are almost 50 options in configuring your jacket.  Please allow about 10 minutes or more to complete this form and send your order. Items that add to the base price of a jacket have the price for that option in the selection.  Example, sport symbols: "Basketball - Adds

  2. This form works best if you complete the order without going to other pages in this same browser window. If you go Forward or Backward from this page and then return to it, some of the form controls may malfunction.

  3. Please be sure to provide us accurate Contact Information, including your e-mail address if possible.  We will use this information to contact you if we, a) see a possible problem with your selections, b) need to inform you of changes in the delivery time, c) any other reason that we feel is necessary to contact you regarding your jacket order.  In most cases we will call you just to touch base and make sure you understand what you have ordered.  Or you may call us at 208-344-1122.

  4. In the form we provide help in places where jacket style, sleeve options and color selection are needed.  When help is available for a choice, you will see a link to more information to help you make the right decision.  If you are stumped or unsure, either call us for clarification or type a note at the bottom with your question before you send your order.  We will get in touch with you to clarify your question.

  5. At the bottom, select the payment method that best suits your needs. The Jacket Calculator there automatically determines the total cost of your jacket as you select various options.

  6. You will be sent a receipt when we receive your payment. Your custom jacket will come to your home in about 8 weeks, depending on the season.

Nelson School Supply has been creating custom letterman jackets since 1939. We will fill your order with diligence as we have 1000's of times before.

Beginning of Order Form:

Contact Information :
Please enter your current contact information.  We will use it to communicate with you during and after your jacket is delivered.  


Current Measurements:
Please enter the current measurements for the person who will be wearing this jacket.  Do not add inches for growth.  We are experts in determining a size for you based on your year in school and actual current measurements.  We'll add to your measurements to allow for growth, but we need to know what you measure now.

Accurate Height:
Accurate Weight:  
Chest: inches  (measurement taken at the fullest part of the chest)
Sleeve Length: inches  (from shoulder to sleeve end)
Graduating Year: (used to determine how many inches to add for growth.  Select "Adult" if you are an adult)

Jacket Options - Basic Design:
Please use the options below to select the sleeve, collar and hood options for your jacket.

Sleeve Type: ( Click to see sleeve types )
Collar Style: (Regular is typical)
Zip Hood: (Zip Hood lays flat on back.  Typically on girls coats)

Jacket Colors - Body, sleeves and snaps:
In this section, you will customize the appearance of the coat body and sleeves.  This constitutes the overall look of the coat with the body being the wool main color.

Body (wool): ( Click to see wool colors )
Leather Sleeve Color: ( Click to see leather colors )
Leather Pocket Color: See above for leather colors

Jacket Colors - Collar, waistband and cuffs:
Click the question above to see details on patterns.

Collar, waistband and cuff: Pattern - (Click to see patterns)
Background color - (Click to see colors)
Stripe color - See above for colors
Feather color - See above for colors

Jacket Colors - Hood:
Available on both boys and girls coats, you may customize your hood colors to fit your jacket.  The inside color becomes the outside color when the hood is unzipped and lying flat on the back.  The Outside color becomes unseen when the hood is unzipped, lying directly on the back of the jacket.  Note - Hoods are very common on girls coats and uncommon on men's jackets.

Hood Color: Inside Color (shows when lying flat) - (Click to see hood colors)
Outside color - See above to see hood colors

Jacket Options - Front Side Lettering/Emblems:
Embroidery is used on your jacket to created items such as your name, mascot designs and sport symbols.  Please select the thread colors to be used.  The primary color is used to create most of the embroidery while the secondary color is used for highlighting.  If you are unsure, select "Let Nelson's Decide" and we will use the school standard or what looks the best based on your other color selections.

Browse the catalog of emblems which can be added to your jacket: See the menu of categories on the left-hand side of the page at the Dakota Collectables Web site.

Name on Right Chest:   Name:   Style:
1st Sport Symbol 3" Embroidery:  Location:
2nd Sport Symbol 3" Embroidery:   Location:
Mascot Design 3" Embroidery: Location:

Embroidery Colors: Embroidery Primary Color -   (Click to see colors)
Embroidery Secondary Color - See above for colors

Jacket Options - Back Side Lettering/Emblems:
The back of your jacket can be customized with chenille or embroidery to show your school name, your mascot and mascot name.  Use the selections below to configure these options for the back of your jacket.  In the Material box, make sure to select Embroidery or Chenille.  While embroidery is stitched into the wool material, chenille is the "fuzzy" material that your award letter you received from school is made from.  It has a front color for the chenille and a back felt in a contrasting color.

Script School Name on Back:   Location:
School Name:
Text Style: Material:

Large Mascot on Back:
Size and Material:

Mascot Name on Back: Mascot Name:
Text Style: Material:

Note: Below, select the desired colors for the chenille/emboirdery for the back of your jacket.  If you are using both, provide colors for both materials.  Otherwise select colors for only the material you want to use.

Embroidery Colors: Embroidery Primary Color -   (Click to see colors)
Embroidery Secondary Color - See above for colors

Chenille Colors: Chenille foreground color -   (Click to see colors)
Felt background color -   See above for colors

Jacket Options - Graduating Year:
If you're a student, select your graduating year from the selections below.  We will create chenille digits and place them under the pocket.  Typically on the right-hand side.

Graduating Year for Pocket:

Jacket Options - Brand on Sleeve:
We can heat-brand your mascot or sport symbol into the leather of the bicep part of the leather sleeve.  Choose from the following in-stock designs or if you have specific black & white artwork to send us, we can duplicate it on the sleeve.

Brand on Sleeve: Mascot Name:   Left or Right Sleeve:
Sport Name: Left or Right Sleeve:

Questions: Call: 1-208-344-1122
E-Mail:  letterjacket@gmail.com

We can make many other options which you might design, although the most common are used in this order form.  Call us: we can do what you want.

Jacket Cost Calculator:

Base Nelson Letter Jacket (guys or gals):

+ $

Cost of all optional items:

+ $

Tax for Idaho residents:

+ $

Shipping and handling:

+ $

COD handling:

+ $

Total Cost:

= $


Balance due on delivery :


Payment Method:
Please indicate which payment method your prefer.  You may pay a $150.00 deposit to start your jacket order and then the jacket will be sent out COD and the balance will be collected upon delivery by United Parcel Service.  Or you may pay in advance and not have to pay the $20.00 COD fee.  Due to the complexity of the options, and our desire to get your jacket right the first time, we prefer to speak with you to make sure you have correctly configured your jacket to fit your needs.  In cases where selections appear incorrect, we will contact you to explain our concerns.

I wish Nelson to call me at the number indicated in the "Personal Information" section. I will give them a credit card number over the phone ...

... for full payment
... or for the $150.00 deposit.

I am sending a $150.00 deposit only to have the jacket come COD.
Customer, please send a check, cash, or money order to Nelson School Supply, 822 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702. Please indicate on your check your name and the words "Letterjacket.com". Your balance due on delivery includes the $19.00 shipping fee and the $20.00 COD fee, as calculated automatically above.

I am sending payment in full by cash, check or money order.
Customer, please send a check, cash, or money order to Nelson School Supply, 822 W Jefferson St, Suite 262, Boise, ID 83702. Please indicate on your check your name and the words "Letterjacket.com". The total payment includes the $19.00 shipping fee, but not the COD fee, as calculated automatically above.

If you'd like to add any information that we should know about your order, please enter it here:

For your own record of your selections, please print this completed form before you click the "Send My Jacket Order" button below.

Thank you for your interest in Nelson Letterman Jackets...